Thursday, November 4, 2010

I've got the blues!

Actually, I really don't, but the blues is where a lot of my early inspiration came from. When I started seriously learning guitar, I started off with blues lessons and had a ton of fun with them. I learned some basic chords, a few scales, and I was on my way. Most blues songs are written in the one, four, five chord progression so it's not that hard, technically speaking, of a style to play, but it's more about the feeling. Historically, blues came from a combination of styles including jazz, country, spirituals, etc. and was mostly played by African Americans releasing their emotions, telling stories, or just for entertainment in the early 20th century. The feeling put into it before still holds true today. The first concert that I ever went to was a blues festival with the main act being, B.B. King. He is a blues legend and my favorite blues artist. Blues music also started another style of music called rock n' roll which has transformed into so many styles today. I would suggest listening to blues when you're feeling down or just need some music to relax to. It's not too complicated and it is very likely to convey its feeling to you. I will always play blues music and have it to fall back on in both hard and good times.
Happy Listening

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