Friday, November 19, 2010

Music all Around You

There is music happening all around us. Just at Cal State Long Beach, there is a ton of music going on all the time. There are concerts of popular music to look for near the University Student Unions on some days. I have found that these concerts are mostly on Wednesdays and the bands are usually pretty good. In the music department, there are concerts going on almost every weekend. The Carpenter Center has events every weekend and include other forms of art other than music as well. There are student events on most weekends too; especially with that it is now recital season. This means that a lot of music majors are required to put on recitals. They are free so this is a great chance to get to know some fellow students and support your peers. This Saturday, there is a fusion concert that includes both the dance and music department which should be interesting. Lastly, this Saturday night is the vocal jazz concert which features Pacific Standard Time and Jazz n' Tonic. Both these groups are really great this year and this is not a concert to miss. Most events can be found on the bulletin boards in the music department. Along with the opera scenes, the art shows, and the dance concerts, there is so much art being showcased at your school and it's a waste to miss it. Go check some out and explore a little more of what your college has to offer. 
Happy Listening

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  1. I think Cal State Long Beach has one of the better music programs in the region so people should take advantage of it and check out some performances as well. The jazz program at CSULB is one of the best around here which includes the big bands and vocal groups. These people play and sing at a high level. I agree that checking out some of the free recitals is definitely worth it. There are still some concerts left this semester but if you happen to miss them, there will be more next semester. These might be even better since most performance groups will have had longer to practice and grow.