Saturday, November 27, 2010

What to look for in an electric guitar part 2

Because most of a guitar is its body, most of the time made of wood, this is what affects the sound most. The density, thickness, and other factors play a role in how the wood will sound. Some major woods used on guitars are mahogany, maple, rosewood, alder, basswood, ebony, and many others. To give a few examples, basswood will have a sound that is smooth on the top end, but a little soft on the low end. In an alder body, the highs and lows are somewhat more pronounced, so the mid range is a little pulled back in the sound. Mahogany has very pronounced high and lows and has a thicker sound. For the fretboard, rosewood is most common and has a full sound. For more on guitar woods, go here. Lastly, the bridge of a guitar will affect it greatly. A fixed bridge will resonate with the body of a guitar more, where as a guitar with a tremolo will not. Basically, the more contact that the strings have with the guitar, the more the sound will resonate. Now that you know what some of the differences are, compare some of the higher end guitars with the guitars in your price range. Pick one that sounds as close as possible to you, is comfortable to play, and that you think looks good. Have fun with it and enjoy your new instrument!
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