Saturday, November 13, 2010

Music of Today

A lot of contemporary music is a lot different than it used to be. A few hundred years ago, there were no electronic recording devices and not really any recording devices like what we have today. There were the performers and instruments, which were all acoustic. Now, there are electronics involved like electric guitars, electric basses, large speakers, and computers. It just goes to show how times have changed. Now, performers don't necessarily have to spend years perfecting a certain instrument, but can be good with a computer and recreate sounds of all sorts of instruments. I don't hate how music has changed, because there are more jobs in the music industry now, such as recording engineers, sound technicians, and producers. Recording engineers take care of jobs like setting up microphones and mixing and mastering music to sound its best on a recording. Sound technicians work more with live performances and set up microphones and monitors to represent the best sound of what is coming out of the performers. Lastly, producers help artists to make songs flow more smoothly, and help artists with their creative difficulties. The new jobs and new technology of music today compared to the past make me wonder how music will be different in the future. My one hope is that the integrity of performers isn't lost. By this I mean that I hope that those artists who put in thousands of hours into practicing and dedicating so much time to their art isn't lost.
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