Friday, November 12, 2010


Maybe it is no longer the middle to late twentieth century, but that does not mean people can't be groovy. I'm not just talking about the groovy clothes or style, but the music. I mean funk and disco. Today, though, I will be focusing on funk. To me, the best part of funk is that it includes a ton of syncopated rhythms with a bunch of instruments to combine into one groove. A lot of funk is about the feel of the music, like jazz and blues, but is also aimed to allow people to move and dance. Jazz and blues, along with genres like soul and r&b somewhat made funk. Unlike those genres though, various instruments don't lay the foundation in funk. Like I said, funk focuses on the groove. This means that the drums and bass play a major role in the music. A lot of funk bands have a horn section, which might consist of instruments like trumpet, trombone, and saxophone. There are tons of funk groups out there, but some of my favorites include James Brown and Tower of Power. My dad, who lived through the funk age was the person who introduced me to funk music and it has affected how I hear music. He has taken me to various funk concerts and I always had a great time. It is a shame to let that music style die as it has taken the backseat in the music scene so have a listen and get your groove on.
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