Saturday, October 30, 2010


One part of musical groups that I really admire is their versatility. From my last blog, it should be known that that is one of the main reasons that I admire Chanticleer so much. There are also more popular bands that I admire for that reason as well though. Two main groups that are versatile are Incubus and Thrice. Now many people really dislike when bands write an album that is different from their last. They either love their old work and can't get used to their new music, or like their new music and think their old music is junk. I try to be open to both. I think it's great when bands mature as individuals and as musicians and create new sounds. Incubus started out as somewhat of a funk metal band and now they are considered alternative. Thrice started out as a post hardcore group and now they are somewhat experimental. One of the great things about Incubus is that they have written all styles of music in between their first songs to now. Some of their songs include jazz, funk, rock, hip hop, and experimental styles. One of the music works that I praise Thrice for most is called The Alchemy Index. It is a large album that includes 6 songs that represent each element: earth, air, fire, and water. This album was well written and well put together and it is easily apparent which songs represent which element. It is versatility like that this that inspire me to push myself and not put limits on what I strive for musically. If you like an artist, do a little research and see how they started out or find some of their earliest songs. You may be surprised as to what you find.
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